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Small T-shirt  Geode-style [Choose Your Colors!]

Small T-shirt Geode-style [Choose Your Colors!]

Tied blanks are a fun exciting way to get your needs met! Each of these items are specified by size, style and sleeve length. The basic style will be provided as an example but we have no idea how these will turn out, that's what makes it fun! Please inquire with questions about anything BEFORE you place your order as all sales are final!! These are sold as a novelty piece of my love work. Focus is for tie dye, color and the elements, as these are ice dyed. So, gravity and melting ice do all the work. Thanks so much for your continued interest! Love Always, Nikki

Items on my website are listed with an extra $5 to cover shipping. Should you choose pick it up at any of my shows, I will give you back your $5 in cash. Thank you!

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